Transformer Set 1

A transformer is an Electrical device which steps up and steps down the AC Electrical Power at different voltage/current levels. These symbols are by IEC standard.



  1. Aircore: They transfer radio frequency currents which are used in radio transmission. The construction involves two coils wound on an insulating substance.
  2. Iron core: Simple
  3. Ferrite core: Provides high magnetic permeability and has reduced Eddy Current losses.
  4. Shield: A shield is involved which reduces the surge impact.
  5. Autotransformer: Built on single core and helps the stepping up/down for small values. eg 5-10%
  6. PT: Also known as Instrumentation transformer. It is used to sample the high values of potential. For example, consider a power system with 500kV line. Most voltmeters are can deal with 500V. Now we can use a PT to sample 500kV to 500V and can measure it easily.
  7. CT: Same as PT here the quantity is current.

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