Resistors Basic Sheet 1

The resistor is the basic Electrical component which controls current flow through any circuit. More than 20 types of resistances are there. The list given below displays the components and symbol of 7 most common types.

These symbols are from IEC standard.



  1. Simple: It always has a fixed value and provides that value to the connected circuit. Mostly colour coding scheme is employed for such resistors.
  2. Variable: It provides a variable value which can be adjusted by turning the knob.
  3. Photoresistor: Its value changes with the amount of light.
  4. Adjustable: Close in properties to variable.
  5. Tapped: It has one, two or more taps to achieve variable value between different taps.
  6. Thermistor: Its value changes with the change in temperature.
  7. Trimmer: A type of potentiometer which mounts on circuit board and is used for testing the performance of circuit by varying its value.

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