Diode Ultimate Cheat Sheet with 14 Formulas for Full/Half Rectifiers

A diode is two terminal electronic component which is widely used in Rectification process (The process of AC conversion to DC conversion).

A single diode works for Half wave and is termed as Half Wave Rectifier. Whereas a combination of two diodes with center tapped transformer serves as Full Wave Rectifier. A combination of four diodes with simple transformer also serves as Full wave rectifier.

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The given data sheet provides 14 formulas for Forward current in the ideal model, Forward current in practical model, Half Wave Average value, Peak half wave, Peak inverse voltage, Full wave average value, Center tapped output, Full wave Bridge, Ripple factor calculation, Peak to Peak ripple voltage, DC output voltage.

The diode symbol with its positive and negative terminals is also shown. The physical appearance of commonly used diode models 1N4001-1N4007 is displayed as well. Nowadays diodes are coming in the form of bridges to avoid the headache of connecting four diodes individually. MB1S-MB8S portrays these models.


You can learn about diode solved examples here:

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