6 Most Important Symbols that are Important for Every Beginner

Electrical is a diverse branch of Engineering having thousands of components. Working with components is also different from each. Some components are independent in their working, some are dependent on external conditions and some can be controlled.

Based on their difference in working, 6 different types of symbols are used to illustrate.


  1. Extrinsic Adjustment: This arrow symbol represents that components can be adjusted extrinsically. For example, you can use this over a resistor to indicate a variable resistor.
  2. Preset Adjustment: A straight line at 45-degree orientation having a small line parallel to it represents the present ability.
  3. Linear Behaviour: An arrow with a small line on its tail indicates that component has extrinsic Linear Behaviour
  4. Non-Linear Behaviour: Same as above
  5. Linear Behaviour: Same as third, However here the component working is all intrinsic.
  6. Non-Linear: Same as fifth.

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