Complete Electrical Symbol

Without the use of numerous types of electrical symbols or drawing, it would be most difficult to build and maintain modern day electrical and electronic equipment. In this website we represent three dimensional electric components with two dimensional graphic electrical symbols, because it is the best technique to show the relationship and interconnections between these electrical symbols on various types of drawing.

The value of this website has been enhanced because the number of electrical symbols has been vastly increased. All areas, including power transmission, electrical wiring, cable and connection, coiled line (inductor, transformer, radio frequency coils, and reactors), switches (relay and mechanical switch), electrical meter and electrical machines reflect this updates in content. All electrical symbols presented are relevant to you, the visitor. The key information from a vast array of electrical symbol and their uses has been compiled into the essential reference source you need to understand. It will no longer be necessary to wade through literally hundreds of book or website to arrive at basic conclusion regarding electrical symbols. A quick look through this website will set you on your course.

Click on the Electrical Symbols Which you want to explore.

Category of Symbol Symbol Preview


symbol of resistor


movable short circuit on coax


shunt inductor (SLD only)


symbol of unbalanced fixed attenuator

Conductor and Connections

grouped leads 1

Transmission Line

direction of flow of signal both ways, simultaneosly 2


pulse or current transformer

Digital Logic Gate

AND gate







Diode Symbol

semiconductor diode

Thyristor Symbol

 recerse-blocking tetrode-type thyristor

Motor Symbols

ohmic drop exciter with 3 or 6 phase input


shielded magnetic-core transformer

Fuse and Circuit Breaker

fuse 2

Relay Coil Symbol

relay coil 1

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